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Eyes, JAPAN Employee Interview [Vol. 19]


The special series to put a spotlight on our international staff, “Eyes, JAPAN employee interview” has started! Our 7th interviewee this year is Raihan Kabir from Bangladesh.

He has been working in Eyes, JAPAN since May 2022.

We wanted to get to know about his experience of living in Aizu, and working in Eyes, JAPAN!

(Interviewer: Angie)

Loves Nature and Exploring New Places

What is your favorite thing about your home country or home town?

Raihan: My favorite thing is the people there, including my parents, friends, and a lot of relatives. Also, the village area is full of nature’s beauty, with vast paddy fields and a vibrant tapestry of flora and fauna. The village radiates simplicity, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Bangladesh. It is a place where time seems to stand still, and the charm of rural living captivates all who visit.

Why did you come to Japan and what do you like about Japan?

Raihan: I came to Japan for higher education. I completed my Master’s degree and am now completing my Doctoral degree here. I like Japan because of its friendly people, welcoming environment, natural beauty, healthy food, and rich culture. I also like its well-organized research environment.

What do you think about life in Aizu?

Raihan: I found Aizu to be an exceptionally delightful place to reside. It is a serene and cozy city that exudes a sense of tranquility, coupled with a rich tapestry of history and culture. The warm and welcoming nature of its inhabitants adds to the charm of this remarkable city. The natural beauty and weather of Aizu are incredible because of its surrounding mountains and four seasons with totally different natural looks.

What is your hobby and how do you usually spend your free time?

Raihan: My hobby is hiking in different mountains with friends to feel the nature, traveling to explore new places, and aqua-scaping to make a miniature natural environment at home. Also, I love coding for solving new problems, which is helpful for the people of society.

Raihan: In my free time, sometimes I want to relax after an exhausting week. Usually, I go for hiking or visit new places with friends. Other times I watch anime because I think it is the best way to spend my free time when I have nothing to do on the weekend.

is your academic background and what kind or research are you doing now?

Raihan: I completed my Master’s degree and doing a Doctoral degree at the University of Aizu, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. My field of research is Robotics, Machine Learning, and Image processing. In my Undergraduate degree, my research topic was “Plant Leaf disease diagnosis” using Machine Learning and Image processing techniques. My Master’s and Ph.D. research topic is “Autonomous robotic wheelchair”, where I work on object detection and robotic path-planning.

Do you have any things or skills that you are proud of?

Raihan: Adapting to new environments and independently acquiring new skills are qualities that I possess, enabling me to undertake various tasks with ease. While it may present challenges at times, I embrace the opportunity to learn and grow. With a resilient spirit, I am capable of tackling any type of work, relying on my own initiative and determination. This self-driven approach empowers me to overcome obstacles and thrive in diverse settings.

What do you think is the current hottest technology-related topic?

Raihan: Based on recent trends and advancements, there are several hot topics in the field of technology. Some of the hottest topics in technology currently include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), blockchain, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, 5G technology, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR), and advancements in robotics. These areas are experiencing significant advancements and innovation, shaping the future of technology and impacting various industries and sectors. It’s important to note that the hottest topic can vary depending on the context and current developments in the field of technology.

Love the Warm Welcome and Farewell Parties in Eyes, JAPAN

How did you know about Eyes, JAPAN and why did you decide to join Eyes, JAPAN?

Raihan: The first time I learned about Eyes, JAPAN (EJ) from one of my friends while I was still in my home country. After coming to Japan, I had the pleasure of hearing more about EJ from one of my fellow Bangladeshi friends. He introduced me to this esteemed company, igniting my curiosity and paving the way for new opportunities. The connection and support I received from friends made my introduction to EJ even more meaningful.

Raihan: I had the privilege of hearing numerous positive remarks about the company, ranging from its exceptional, flexible, and friendly working environment to the autonomy provided to employees. The prospect of engaging in intellectually stimulating projects and the diverse range of opportunities further fueled my interest. Additionally, the reputation of the company’s remarkable CEO added to the overall appeal. Considering all these factors, I made the decision to join the organization with great enthusiasm and anticipation for the exciting journey ahead.

What is your role and what kind of projects have you been working on in Eyes, JAPAN?

Raihan: As an AI engineer in the company, my role involves designing, developing, and implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to address various business challenges and opportunities. I work closely with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements and collaborate on data collection, preprocessing, and model training. Additionally, I have worked on cutting-edge projects related to Gait analysis, Parkinson’s disease analysis, Image generation using AI techniques, and others. Furthermore, I am actively involved in developing real-time robotic hand movements in 3D space. Apart from these specific tasks, I also contribute to deploying projects on remote servers and developing APIs to ensure seamless integration and accessibility. I continuously stay updated with the latest advancements in AI to enhance the company’s AI capabilities. The dynamic nature of my work keeps me engaged and motivated to push the boundaries of AI technology for practical applications in various domains.

Could you let us know your most memorable project in Eyes, JAPAN?

Raihan: My most memorable project is Gait analysis and API development for deploying the project on a remote server. During this project, I collaborated with our project team members to provide an efficient Gait analysis solution for the customer. Working closely together, we successfully delivered a cutting-edge solution that met the customer’s requirements and exceeded their expectations. It was a rewarding experience, and I am proud of our work’s impact on improving the customer’s Gait analysis process.

What customs in Eyes, JAPAN that you like the most?

Raihan: I enjoy the warm welcome and farewell parties, as well as the fun-filled apple-picking events. Additionally, I find the weekly study sessions and presentations at meetings to be engaging and informative.

What do you think about your colleagues and working environment in Eyes, JAPAN?

Raihan: I am fortunate to have amazing, friendly, and helpful colleagues, contributing to an excellent working environment. And I truly appreciate and enjoy the working environment, which exudes a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The office setup provides a sense of ease, and the delicious coffee adds to the positive experience. The morning and weekly meetings foster quick and effective communication among colleagues, making it the best working environment I have encountered thus far.

What kind of problems or challenges have you faced while working in Eyes, JAPAN, and how did you solve it?

Raihan: Sometimes, I have encountered minor communication gaps among project team members. However, I resolved these issues by consulting with the project manager.

Dream: to be a Leading AI Researcher

Can you give some pros/cons of working at a Japanese company?

Raihan: While I cannot speak for all Japanese companies, I have experienced several pros at Eyes JAPAN that make it a great workplace. Autonomy and flexibility are key factors that contribute to a positive work experience. However, I acknowledge that not everyone may view autonomy similarly, as it requires individuals to decide the direction of their work. Personally, I find it empowering and enjoyable. Overall, my time at Eyes JAPAN has been incredibly rewarding, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far.

How do you balance your working and private time?

Raihan: My typical approach involves adhering to a well-structured routine, dividing my time between work, studies, and research. I prioritize tasks based on their significance and relevance. While I strive to follow the routine diligently, I also remain adaptable in case of unforeseen challenges or issues that may arise.

Any advice for people who wants to work in Japan?

Raihan: To ensure continuous growth, you can actively engage in learning new technologies and stay updated with the latest technologies. Seeking guidance from experienced individuals who can provide valuable insights and support in your journey, you combine self-improvement and networking with the right people. By doing so, you can aim to navigate the challenges and achieve success in your endeavors.

What motivates you to keep working or studying, and what is your dream?

Raihan: I am constantly driven by the motivation to learn and grow. I believe valuable lessons can be found in every aspect of life and from everyone we encounter, and this journey of acquiring knowledge never truly ends.

Lastly, what is your dream?

Raihan: My dream is to become a leading AI researcher, working towards making society a better place.

Thank you!

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