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Native Application VS. Web Application



Yesterday, I saw some blogs by accident. They were talking about the comparison between the Iphone Native Application and Web Application for Iphone.
The main content was about several new features of HTML5 and other new technologies of web application for mobile phone. It really attracts many developer for Iphone or mobile phone.
Native Applications are the applications which are downloaded from ITunes App Store. Web application are the Web sites which are optimized for viewing on the iphone.
The iphone users know that the native applications have sexy interfaces, high performance, can call device api, etc. All these features make the native applications popular. To make perfect native applications is the motivation of Iphone Development Team.
But we can not just focus on the native development, we should care about the powerful competitor, Web Application.
As the appearance of HTML5, Google Gears, and some other new technology for web application. The web applications can work more like native applications. In Table 1, it gives the comparison between native application and web application.

Table 1. Comparison between Native Application and Web Application

Yes, the web applications can be better than before. But the new technologies are under development. We should continue to pay attention to their development.

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