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Maybe some of you wondered, why I didn’t join weekly meeting yesterday.
Here comes the answer:

I was invited to an event where I should learn how to wear a Yukata.
It was so interesting and so difficult.
Not so much difficult, but I am surprised how much pieces you need for wearing a Yukata.

  • underwear (2 pieces)
  • Yukata (1 piece)
  • belts for fixing the Yukata and for preparing for the Obi (3 pieces)
  • Obi (1 piece)

I hope, I didn’t forget something and I can remember all steps.
I felt very comfortable in this Yukata and my friend and me even went to her house in this dress.
Ha ha… This was nice. I felt a little strange, because a Yukata is very Japanese style and it looks strange if a foreigner wears this traditional clothes.
But somehow I liked it.

Now the big question: Will I pick up my friend from Tokyo Narita in September wearing a Yukata? 😉

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