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The last 5 weeks in Japan have begun for me and Moritz and we are finally in the project phase where everything comes together. All hard learning and working slowly seems to pay off.

While Moritz is blending the catwalk motions together I am working on Hair and Cloth simulation. It is just incredible how much computational power dynamics need.
Before I came to Japan I bought the fastest laptop I could afford and it turned out to be a wise decision, because without enough horsepower in your computer dynamics calculation will simply run at an unbearably slow speed or can’t be handled at all.
Since we don’t have the luxury of a render farm in our office I have to keep the amount of dynamics and the density of the polygon meshs as low as possible yet keep the photorealism as high as possible. That’s a tough balance to achieve, but I hope I can do it.

So without giving away too much I attached just a screenshot of the unrendered (and thus not very realistic looking) hairstyle she will have. It is made with about 400 NURBS curves and Paint Effects attached to them and was quite a bit of work to set up.


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