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Error Management

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With the time I come to realize that in the IT world the small issues seem to matter more than the huge issues. When I recapitulate the last months of work our Active Show Window project was never really hampered by knowledge issues. All fields we came across – no matter how tricky and difficult – were no major obstacles in the progress of the project. It were always those tiny annoying error messages that seemed to come out of nowhere with no logical explanation that swallowed your motivation and interest in the particular software.
6 months of internship is a very limited time and every day that you loose with waiting for a reply of the customer service makes you more and more nervous about whether or not you will accomplish your project in time.
Every topic, let it be 3D animation, motion capture, character rigging or any other professional stuff can be mastered as long as you have the patience to grab a book, watch hours and hours of video tutorials or crawl through the internet for learning resources. But as soon as you try to figure out why your software just crashed after you middle-mouse clicked into blank workspace you are simply stuck. And you are even more stuck when the same problem occurs over and over again. Every time in slight variations and in different programs, and each program as complex as it can get. Yesterday one of my applications crashed 15 times. Now THIS is what really endangers a project! And believe me, it makes you a really picky and safety thinking person, because you try to backup every work step in a separate file. Trying to keep track of this data conglomeration can be quite a challenge.

Oh and by the way, we are still on schedule with our project 😉


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