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Enter the world of Eyes, JAPAN



Today is bright shiny day and it inspires us and gives us power to explore the world.

Julian and me, we came to Aizu-Wakamatsu, to explore a different and foreign part of this world. One month is left and we looking forward to have five month more to stay. We enjoy very well, Aizu-Wakamtsu is a nice place with some Onsens and kaki trees. It is a good place to work at and not so far away from centres of nightlife and shopping as well. It’s a good combination of advantages of rural enviroment, traditional food and usages and central position in this region. We did much trips in the surroundings of Aizu and it’s one of the nicest places to stay in the area of Fukushima. Visit the five coloured lake and get inspired and quiet for a couple of minutes, houres or days, as you like.

Next week, we will have the next exhibition at Koriyama and we are going to presentate some medical solutions with motion capture and haptic devices. In two weeks, we will have a meeting and technical discussion with a huge american company of Motion capturing and 3D. We are looking forward to a good partnership and promising meeting in Tokyo.

It is a pleasure to witness a small, young, innovative, motivated and courageously company growing up and getting international. Let’s go on and enter the world. courageously

Thanks a lot and further enter the world of Eyes, JAPAN.


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