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Eyes, JAPAN Employee Interview [Vol. 27]


The special series to put a spotlight on our international staff, “Eyes, JAPAN employee interview” is back! Our third interviewee of this year is Julian Dohmen from Germany.

He did an internship in Eyes, JAPAN for around five months. We want to ask him about his experience living in Aizu and working in Eyes, JAPAN!

(Interviewer: Angie)

Loves Gym and Gaming

What is your favorite thing about your home country or home town?

Julian: I like the quiet life, the friends, and the good health care system there.

What do you like about Japan?

Julian: I think Japan is clean and safe. And I love the Japanese culture, and the food.

What do you think about life in Aizu?

Julian: It’s a nice life, but I think I would rather live closer to Tokyo if I ever moved to Japan. Outskirts of Tokyo would be the best, but I think it is nice that Aizu has a lot of tradition, local vendors and a nice community.

What is your favorite way of spending your holidays in Aizu?

Julian: Usually, I spend it by going to the gym, playing football or volleyball, eat some food, or playing billiard and darts.

What is your hobby and how do you usually spend your free time?

Julian: My hobbies are going to the gym and gaming. I usually spend my free time doing them.

What is your academic background?

Julian: Bachelor of Science in Mediainformatics.

Enjoys Dinner After Weekly Meetings

How did you know about Eyes, JAPAN? And why did you decide to join Eyes, JAPAN?

Julian: My university has a cooperation with Eyes, JAPAN. That is why I decided to try and join the internship.

Do you have any job experiences before joining Eyes, JAPAN?

Julian: Yes, I finished an apprenticeship as system specialist and already worked for 1 year.

What is your role and what kind of projects have you been working on in Eyes, JAPAN?

Julian: As an intern, I usually work in different projects related with Robots and AI.

Could you let us know your most memorable project in Eyes, JAPAN?

Julian: I think the most memorable one would be the Double 3 project.

What customs in Eyes, JAPAN that you like the most?

Julian: I like eating together with other staff after the weekly meeting.

What do you think about your colleagues in Eyes, JAPAN?

Julian: They are very friendly and are great people. I made many new friends in Eyes, JAPAN.

What about the working environment in Eyes, JAPAN?

Julian: I love it. I think it’s not “traditional” as other Japanese company, but I think that’s a good thing.

What do you think about working at the company and working at home?

Julian: I like working at the company, because you meet your friends and colleagues. But if you have some things to do, working from home is great. (Doctor’s appointment for example).

What kind of problems or challenges have you faced while working in Eyes, JAPAN, and how did you solve it?

Julian: I had to learn some new topics, but everyone was very helpful.

Motivation: Making Dreams Come True

Have you experienced any culture shock while working in Japan?

Julian: Not really. The culture is definitely different, but I knew what to expect.

Can you give some pros and/or cons of working at a Japanese company?

Julian: In Eyes, JAPAN, I think there are no cons. But in general, Japanese companies, especially traditional ones, are completely different to German companies. Such as long working hours, hard hierarchy, etc.

Any advice for people who wants to work in Japan?

Julian: Try to do an internship to see how it is.

What kind of projects do you want to work on in the future?

Julian: I’m not sure, but I’m probably interested in AI related project.

Lastly, what motivates you to keep working or studying?

Julian:  Learning new stuff and making dreams come true 🙂

Thank you!

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