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Dream and Love



Calming down from the long distance escaping, again, I go to office regularly as before, willing to say that everything here is recovering fast. It is love and dream that make people never yield in front of the disaster.

People in Aizu-Wakamatsu city were lucky, since we are almost 100 kilometers away from the pacific ocean side, only suffering little damage from the strongest earthquake.

However, during the big disaster, I could hardly take any peaceful sleep or rest these days, because of making and executing so much difficult decision holding the responsibility for any others. After the disaster, I could hardly keep off tears dropping down, while knowing that the catastrophe deprives the happiness of so many families on the ocean side.

Last week, I was making nightmare sever days, considering the security of friends in Fukushima prefecture, and the worries from the relatives in home country. During the dream, the dream that I described with workmates in previous pass though my mind. I should recover soon from the panics and regain the energy for work and study.

After the weekend holiday and the Shunbunnohi festival, I was walking on the way to office. It is quite in the early morning, only a few car on the road because of temporarily not enough gas supply. It seems that the daily life slow down since people in Aizu-wakamatsu city was mainly using automobile for commuting. Suddenly, I saw and Ojiisan (in Japanese, it means a senior old people) voluntarily cleaning the streets, I was deeply touched. His plastic package, which used for gathering the trash, is almost full. I really want to join his volunteer work, but it is my responsibility to go to office soon, which is also a kind of contribution for the whole recover.

People came to office early as before, I can still see the familiar smile and hear the warm gratings. Again, I feel that we are a family, even without blood relationship. I calm down, kicking off the nightmare, and regain the energy to pursuing our dream for the love to others.

It is love and dream that make people never yield in front of the disaster.

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