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Reading anything anywhere



In our digital and highly connected world we often travel and still be able to receive email and links to interesting documents. Even though we might have a few seconds to share to look at messages passed to us within social networks like Facebook or Twitter we most likely lack the time to read the documents we deem interesting for us thoroughly. This is the point where so called Read-it-later-services come into action. One of this sites (the one that I am making heavy use of) is Instapaper.It is supported by many applications and browsers through plug-ins. A very famous use case is to keep track of interesting links provided by Twitter with the official Twitter for iPhone application. When selecting a Tweet a simple touch on the read-it-later-button sends the link to the Instapaper website. The nice thing is that there not only the link will be bookmarked, but the contents of the site will be processed for easier later reading.

It is also possible to purchase the official iPhone and iPad application which provides a function for offline reading and archiving (or get the free version).

In case you count yourself to the kind of person that is receiving a plethora of information through the internet and often is on the run and short of time you might want to give Instapaper a whip.

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