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300 ms



This week a new semester started at my university in Germany.
That’s usually nothing special, but this year there is something different.
I decided to extend my stay here in Japan, so I can’t attend the lectures and practicals session at my university in person.

But this doesn’t mean that I can’t continue with my studies, drop out and open a German School here in Aizu (wouldn’t sound bad, actually).
What merely applies is that I have to change the way I do my studies: I can keep in contact with my professors and fellow students using Email and Instant Messaging or even video conference.

With supplementary documents and presentation slides available via my university’s CMS I am also able to get all the information of the lectures I cannot attend.
Like the Japanese students here at Eyes, JAPAN I can pursue my student’s life normally everyday and work towards my degree. So this is the famous “e-learning” I often heard about.
“e” like electronic?
“e” like “everywhere”?
Or probably even “e” like “Eyes, JAPAN” since this is not the usual approach for studying: It’s unique, exciting and I’m using the newest technologies available to achieve my goal.

At first thought the distance between Germany and Japan is about 9000 km or roughly 11 hours of flight time.
But the world is actually smaller: Especially in terms of modern networks like the Internet and therefore also in terms of e-learning we’re right next to each other: Just 300 ms apart.


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