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With tears in one eye I have to say good bye because my internship at
Eyes, JAPAN has finished. During six moths I got to know insights into
Japanese Business and Japanese Culture which were so much interesting
for me and where I can’t get enough. I met and got in relation with so
many people and I am still amazed about your care and assistance. So
again I will take the opportunity to say THANK YOU and I really can’t
express myself how much I thank you. It was not everytime easy because
of misunderstanding and different oponions. But nevertheless I think,
this is maybe the most interesting parts of exchanges: getting to know

I will leave Aizu next coming Wednesday, but will return one more time
and spend 2or 3 days with my friend. So hope, we can meet for some
karaoke. Because still I haven’t had a karaoke night so far which is
definitely unacceptable for being in Japan 😉

I will leave in Japan at September, 24th. I am looking forward to my
trip around South Honshu. So I will visit Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe and
Hiroshima for getting more into Japanese Culture.

Finally I want to say: I will come back! (sooner or later)

I wish you all the best and keep stay as you all are! I will never
forget my stay at Eyes, JAPAN.
Hope to stay in contact
Rebecca 🙂

PS: My other eye, of course, is happy about seeing my friends and my
family very soon.

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