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Onsen Debut



Today was my Onsen debut. (btw. … I think I have at least one debut
each week since I am here (-; ) What to say… It was very beautiful!!!!
I really want to see a No theatre play at this nice stage just between
the trees. Very beautiful. I think, we do not have such places in
Germany. We can find something similar but of course not like Japanese
Onsen 🙂

The water was sometimes a little bit too hot for me. But then I got out
and tried out the outdoor bath. And this was even more beautiful, but
also very hot.

I am curious: Can you take some books with you? It’s a very nice place
to relax and read. Of course a little bit wet 😉

It’s a very nice habit to go to Onsen and I will definitely repeat this.
Maybe not at 7a.m. but even at this time it’s worth!

Have a nice weekend and enjoy Sakura!

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