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Visionaries in Aizu



Visionaries in Aizu

Hi there! It’s again me: Frederik, the intern from Germany.

Unfortunately I am leaving Japan in a few days. I had a very nice stay at “Eyes, Japan” and enjoyed to meet and to work with you a lot. I hope so did you. If you are passing by Germany, please tell me; I’d love to meet you again.

Stay as smart and kind as you are – take care!

Yours Frederik

Monika in Chillout Room
Hello minna-san.

I’m Monika Klapdohr, the second 2-weeks-intern of Eyes, Japan. Today is the last day for Frederik and me at Eyes Japan, and that’s why it’s our turn today to fill the blog with deep thoughts about Eyes, Japan, its staff and everything.

When I started to think about the content of my part of the blog, my first approach was: “What is the most fascinating about “Eyes, Japan”?” And the answer was “42”.

“And what about the staff?” Well, the answer would also be “42”. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a mind of my own.it’s just, that two weeks are not enough for me to come to an conclusion. I can only serve with a tendency and glimpses I got during my stay.

During this two weeks at “Eyes, Japan”, my eyes became often very big about all the new things, I experienced here for the first time. For example, how fast some people can eat bolts of rice with chop sticks and how many. Or how fast other once can drive through the very small and labyrinthine streets of Japanese cities.
Furthermore the German idiom “Kleider machen Leute.” – “Fine feathers make fine birds.” was also proven to be true.
Ladies, you have to come to Eyes Japan and watch the miracle of the fire door. When the masterminds of CG and IT of Eyes Japan leave the room with really casually clothes trough this door, what comes back are nice men in nice suits, you maybe would never have expected of computer freaks.

Last but not least, I want to thank all of you from Eyes Japan for accepting us Gaijins so warmly and though we stayed just for such a short amount of time, to spend your time teaching us and answering our tons of question. Doomo arigatou gozaimasu.


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