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Snow on board on snow

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Hey Boarders and Bloggers,
snowy greetings from Aizu. The winter is mightly back with many snow and good chances to ride a hill with your snowboard or have fun. This is Alicia and me and we got some nice experience with riding a hoop in a icecube. That’s fun and we have enjoyed it a lot of time.

Aizu-Wakamatsu is really strange without snow during the wintertime. You can see much preparations for heavy snow everywhere. Also you can see some preparations for the plants, i call it “Bondage-gardens”.

On the other hand, with the heavy snow outside, the office seems to us more snugly since a couple of days. Our projects are growing up and we had a nice motion-capture-shooting with a professional cute fashion model at Wednesday. Sometimes it is a little bit hard, cause the most of time is needed for troubleshooting, if you are entering a new unknown topic. But it grows up and becomes good. We have to learn a lot and we’ll give our best.

I’m looking forward to my next snowboarding.
Stay in touch and tough,

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