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MoCap in UBIC

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Today was another MoCap session in the UBIC’s motion analysis room. This time we used 4 additional Vicon MX40 cameras on a lower level and closer to the capture colume for better mocap quality and less marker occlusion. However this turned out to be a rather difficult task as these 4 cameras couldn’t be properly calibrated in comparison to the 8 basis cameras at the upper rig. In the end we had to settle for a compromise between more cameras and less accurate calibration. After that we went ahead and shot several martial arts moves, soccer motions as well as some other sport motions.

Visually the captured data seemed alright, but the subsequent editing got out of hand. As for no obvious reason we couldn’t label a single motion from start to end since Vicon iQ always got confused and increased the count of unlabelled markers again even in frames that we already edited.

At the end of the day the frustration was huge and we agreed to go for a different camera setup for our next MoCap session. Maybe this was the source of error?

by Julian

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