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Let me introduce…



On my 3rd day with eyes Japan I’m asked to write the todays diary. So, let
me introduce myself: My name is Kathrin and I’m 29 years old. My nationality
is german and my hometown Duesseldorf the so called “biggest japanese town
outside Japan”. It’s my first time in Japan and I enjoy the time with eyes
Japan, looking forward to learn all about latest computer graphics. I am
very enthusiastic about my internship. The staff is incredibly kind and
hard-working, as known from the Japanese people;-) Although I don’t
understand japanese language the communication works. Example:

Fujimaki: “Do you know MONA?”
Kathrin: “MONAR ???”
Fujimaki: “Moonaa…”… he’s drawing a picture.
Kathrin: “MONA” (what the hell is Mona???)
Fujimaki is drawing next picture
Kathrin: “Ah… of course I know”
Fujimaki: “In future, MONA becomes most famous Japanese programming art”
Kathrin: “Ah… so desu ka!”

If it does… I’m not sure.

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