Here I am. Japan. Eyes, JAPAN.

After finishing my studies in Computer Science at a university in Bavaria I am very happy to be accepted to become an employee in the middle of nowhere.

But as ever so often starting something new means having to leave something old behind. The old has to give way to the new. For me this meant cleaning out my apartment, doing lots of paperwork, canceling subscriptions and — more than everything else — saying goodbye to family and friends who have accompanied me for the last 3 decades.

This situation might be easier for people working in the IT business since change is probably the biggest constant in our lives. New technologies come and go as well as new paradigms are thought of all along. Every day new ideas surface in this world, yet not many of them are strong enough to make it into adulthood, becoming a product or service enjoyable by everyone. Infancy means the end of life for the majority of ideas in an innovative software development company. However, this doesn’t mean they fall into oblivion, never to be seen again. Rather it is merely a state of hibernation waiting to be reborn at a later date.

A good example for this is the rise and fall of the PDA, which was used by only a minority of people about 10 to 15 years ago. Nowadays though almost everyone (not only business people) are carrying smart phones like blackberries, android phones, windows phones or iPhones with them.

In this spirit let’s not cry about the past and the old too much, but rather look joyfully towards the future ahead of us filled with the new and the reborn. Here we are.

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