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Title of this post, カザミドリ, is a song by Sakamoto Maaya mentioned in my first post here last year. The song brings back much memories of my sister, of the inevitable separation that comes with the necessity to move ahead, and I would like to talk about my sister today.

It is almost one year after her graduation from Dressmaker Gakuin where she graduated top of the class in fashion design. At her current company, she has recently picked up the job duties of a Japanese colleague who recently left, on top of her design work, and is now dealing with clients and customers in Japan as she is the only one there with knowledge of the Japanese language.

She is currently applying for scholarship to the Glasgow School of Art.

She is highly capable and independent, and with her global mindset and experience in living overseas, she deserves to receive the best. And the freedom beyond the borders of a 700km² land area. Starting a new journey in life will come at the expense of separations, but however her relationships with her other friends will be affected, my relationship with her is one that no physical separation can break.

Ying Tong (My sister’s やまねちゃん, which comes as a set to my own)
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