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Globalization as a term keeps many people with an uncomfortable feeling. Too many fears and negative experiences are associated with this word: a harsh and anonymous economical system that is all about money and that affects through trade, nutrition, companies and the occupation circumstances every single person. An abstract but still existing concept seems to aggravate pressure and diminish security for individuals; top-line optimization seems more important than human values. Admired cultural goods like traditional top-quality handcraft seems to disappear after hundreds years of developed knowledge; our world seems to get poorer in favor to keep production costs low by all means. This degeneration in civilization is sometimes also seen in the primary communication tool of the globalized world: the Internet. The culture of discourse, based on respect of one to another, seems missing; quality of published information seems to diminish; cyberbullying puts harassment to a higher level.

These issues are existing; I witnessed some of them from time to time. But in my understanding globalization is not the problem – it might be a multiplier, but not the problem itself. A much bigger issue seems to be the anonymization and a too abstract view on topics and processes that affect human beings. I guess many actions and decisions are made without taking into account the consequences for people, especially if there is no personal relationship or face to associate with. The solution seems simple: unmake the foreignness and create engaging relations. My Japanese home stay father introduced a term to me which perfectly describes this idea: grassroot communication. Individual institutions like countries or companies might make decisions to their own benefit. But as long as their bases keep interconnecting and communicating, these institutions can not only coexist without consuming each other, but make the collective more stable and secure to the benefit of everybody.

Well, today, once more, is my last day of a longer period of time in the bosom of Eyes, JAPAN. And besides our working, sharing and learning from each other, I hope I can say that we could overcome foreignness between different cultures and create engaging relations between individuals. Even though from far and through the wires of the Internet, I am looking forward to continue working with you in person.

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