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Social Media for Government



In these times the world is growing together with the use of social networks through the internet. Even though the governments still want “their” country to be strong or overwhelming.
What they seem to forget it is not always about money.

What I would like to see is a real world where not law enforcement is needed, because the unwritten rules of beeing together are accepted by everybody. Means no fighting and robbery but helping each other out when there is need.

Somehow this concept seems good, but the problem is it just exists in my head and not everybody is wanting to do it like that. Basically because of honor or time spend at university. They did more to get them selfes educated and to earn more money. but what everybody seems to forget:
There are dirty jobs too that have to be done. Not everybody can have the super job and save money like Dagobert Duck. The problems that grow from all that saving is that there is no money flow. But the flow is needed to keep things going.

In the internet the electrons are flying without rest. It is a constant flow of information.
What they are now trying is to limit the flow of information. Wikileaks has had problems with pressure from governments and hosting services didn’t want to get problems. So our governments wants to keep the money flow, but surpress information. As the information is free for everyone it is easy access to the secrets of our leaders. The Internet is growing.
And it is used by the people. Therefore we use our own laws.

Help to keep the information living.
Support the freedom of the internet.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the worlds governments have their social network to be friends?

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