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Intercultural Worplace



I have been in several companies working with different nationalities and got to know things about the complexity of human behavior.
As I am always there for only a short time during summer vacation, people like to talk to me, because they have no negative experience made yet.
Not that they had afterwards, but it’s sometimes really interesting, what people talk about others witch they are working with.

So far my experience in Germany.
I am very happy to come here to EYES, Japan.
I haven’t noticed this kind of behavior here.
Everybody is just interested in the meaning of the team, and is helping each other.
Even if there is a problem, they don’t try to pull someone on his side against somebody else.
There are a lot different cultures and nationalitys in this company. And everybody is accepting the others personality.
Not even with camouflage trousers or a mowhawk haircut I could never sense things like “what the hell is he thinking/doing?”
There are many things I learned in the last two weeks and I am sure to learn even more positive behavior in the rest of my internship time.

Thank you for taking good care of me and my comrades.


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