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Fukushima in Fukuoka



In the last days I had the opportunity to attend and to present our companies work at Medical Show Japan & Business Expo 2010 Fukuoka. This event was very interesting for me in many ways. On one hand it is always very interesting to discuss the possibilities of your own products and projects with the trade. The point of views of experts is a very important feedback and helps evaluate your own products and services for the future. Also the aspect of an international audience was very thrilling. As far as I could recognize I talked with visitors at least from Japan, South-Korea, China and even Germany, my home country. And depending on the nationality the style of talking was partially totally different of each other – even within Asia. And as markets and research gets merged more and more, especially in the medical sector, it is highly important to understand the needs and offers of foreign interested parties.

Another very interesting aspect was the fact, that we were part of a cluster of companies from Fukushima prefecture, representing our products and services together. I found it quite remarkable to find a very strong solidarity between companies that might see each other as competitors at home. And also this is a very important lesson that has to be learned. In fields where the global market is getting more and more vivid there is no other way than cultivating regional cooperations and clusters to be successful.

All in all it can be said that the trade was important to promote the company and its products, but there was also a lot of important input and insight which could be obtained.

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