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Two colleagues left for work in Tokyo today, and will return tomorrow. I was initially green with envy, and when asked if there were anything I wanted from Tokyo, my reply was an honest ‘no’. What I wanted – and still do – wasn’t something physical.

It is impossible for one to be alone permanently, but on the other hand, it is possible to feel lonely even when surrounded by people. It is a matter of how one looks at the situation.

Several people in a fixed environment may appear to be doing their own things unconnected to each other, but when observed from afar, they will appear to belong in the same group. (Imagery thanks to Anbo) The important thing is not to mind the distance between oneself and others, but to look at the big picture.

I have yet to undergone Lasik, and foresee myself continuing with my shortsightedness, but one day, I hope to be able to be able to overlook the distance between myself and the people who matter.

Ying Tong

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