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Why Aizu?



Many people ask me why I chose to work in Aizu-Wakamatsu.
It’s true I had the opportunity to work in a big city, especially Tokyo, Yokohama or Osaka.
Sure, many reasons were connected to the company which I already knew and the companies’ working spirit that appeals very much to me.
But somehow this answer never satisfies my questioners.
And it is true that it is important that you are fine with your entire environment to live a happy life.
And they keep insisting that the quality of life might be better in a city like Tokyo, for example.
And at this point I just take them for a tour.

We start walking through the old streets of the town-center enjoying the look at the ancient houses and inspecting the shops with all kind of traditional handcraft.
We stop at one of the really nice cafés to rest a little before promenading along Tsuruga Castle.
Afterwards we get a takeaway Dengaku box and get a tour in the mountains, being on the lookout for in the forest hidden old shrines.
And at the latest at the moment when we are finishing the day by enjoying one of the many nearby hot springs, I get the comment of envy, saying that I am really lucky to live at such a beautiful place.


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