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Towards the future!



Image: Flickr
So the year 2010 has come. A couple of days ago I remembered a movie I watched when I was still a child.
The title was Back To The Future and I am sure many of you now this movie.

In short, it is about time traveling and in the second episode of this movie series they traveled far into the future into the year 2015 (The movie was shot in 1985, I believe).
So its just another 5 years until we’ll be there – but I haven’t heard of many of the things you could see in the movie yet.

For example there where “Hoverboards”: Skateboards without wheels, floating just a few centimeters above the ground.
But I doubt we will be able to solve the problems with gravity within the next 5 years.

The other thing I remember were really astonishing 3D advertisement displays where a shark jumps out of the display into the direction of the viewer.
At this year’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas many companies pushed into the 3D market with displays and glasses and even in cinemas we can enjoy “Avatar” and get soaked into the 3D hype.
Sony’s PlayStation 3 is supposed to support 3D for games and movies this year and some games at the Soccer World Cup held in South Africa will be broadcasted in 3D.
So there definitely will be a big progress in the upcoming years.

Maybe I will watch Back To The Future 2 again this weekend and enjoy all the crazy futuristic things we might be able to enjoy in real life in a couple of years.


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