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Baumkuchen vs. バームクーヘン



I was always wondering about the fact that you can get “Baumkuchen”
everywhere in Japan. This originally German cake is not that much
popular in Germany, but you can get it in any supermarket or convenience
store in Japan. In fact after two month in Aizu I ate more Baumkuchen
than I did in 29 years in Germany. However I am almost convinced now,
that Baumkuchen is an essential part of German culture. This week I got
a surprise at Eyes, JAPAN’s tea break. I was offered a piece of green
tea flavored Baumkuchen. That is what my chief would call “Baumkuchen
2.0”. Thou a combination of two elements that I was taught to be
typically German (for the Baumkuchen) and typically Japanese (for the
green tea). The taste was quiet unusual at the beginning but very (!)
tasty. I think that there is a big potential for creating good things
just by joining two elements or two ideas that are maybe coming
originally from very distant areas. And this can happen sometimes
without to much effort, just by exchanging and sharing ideas. So let us
eat Baumkuchen together from time to time and exchange ideas and views.


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