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Studying in the 21st Century



I’m going to live here in Japan for the next couple months, thus I have a strong desire to improve my language skills and pick up taking Japanese language classes during my stay as soon as possible.
Since I’m the kind of person who like to keep things simple and not too complicated, I also want to go for the easy way to attend Japanese language classes.

Well, I flew all the way from Germany to Japan.
So I’m going to use Skype, because I found a very good teacher who teaches Japanese using this software.
My teacher is Japanese and therefore 100% Japanese, which is really important to me to get the most out of the lessons.
Teachers who are foreigners aren’t able to really teach a language.
That’s what I think. The thing is just that my teacher doesn’t live in Japan anymore but moved to the USA a few years ago.

So you might ask if it’s really the easiest way to attend classes here?
Fly from Germany to Japan to learn Japanese language from a native Japanese who moved to the USA?
Isn’t that weird?
Wouldn’t it be more straight to just attend a class here in Aizu-Wakamatsu?
I don’t think so if you look at it this way: You have to register for classes.
You actually have to go there on foot or by bike every week.
You have to pay in cash.
Therefore you have to go to the ATM to withdraw the money first etc.
Using Skype it’s just switching on the computer and connecting to the Skype network and start having classes.
At any place I want. No lost time for commuting. Welcome to the future.

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