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Japanese Class



Today started my Japanese class organized of the Aizu Wakamtsu
International Association.

I was really surprised how many people join. We have around 5 classes
and maybe a total of 30 to 40 students from all over the world. We have
American people, people from Hungary, from Germany (hihi… only me),
from Sri Lanka, India and so on. But most students come from China.

My teacher is Tamawaga-sensei and I only have one classmate. She comes
from China. Her name is U Shuushu and she is very cute. Unfortunately
she cannot speak English so we cannot really talk with each other.
Haha… Difficult. But I am jealous because as a Chinese she can read
Kanji! Wow… Tamawaga-sensei is a little bit older and he has been a
teacher for the International Association for 2 years now. He is very
kindly and … he likes to watch German movies 🙂

Every Friday morning for 3 months now I will join this class. I think I
will have a great time at this class! And I hope I will learn Japanese
“fast” so that it is easier for me to communicate.

Enjoy the upcoming Sakura and have fun
Rebecca 🙂

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